Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strip of the day, 20.02.2011, ADD treatment

For those who are struggling with ADD (attention deficit disorder), simply put you, who surfs the internet while at work :), do not give up, if you have a high IQ chances are you are a very creative person.

Robber rabbits are struggling with ADD people too, as it seems most of the people around them are in for an ADD treatment, trying to concentrate on one thing at a time and not noticing anything around. This had to be stopped at all cost.

While helping other creatures to get rid of their ADD, Robbers have built the very first temple of Photon:


K: Funny. Like nobody notices anything anymore
A: Maybe they are all in for an ADD treatment

K: I just know what might help them permanently

Innocent ADD patient nr. 1: Who are those guys?!
Innocent ADD patient nr. 2: Nice temple by the way


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