Sunday, January 23, 2011

illuminated manuscript of a children story "a fox and a hare"

This week we present to you an illuminated manuscript of the Russian children story: "a fox and a hare", which can also be found under the name "Hare's hut". A picture consists of four sections, by the chapters of the story and should serve as a background of one of the bus stops in the city of Perm.

But first thing first, let's star with a story: the drama starts with a robber baron fox, who's snow hut melted in the spring and let him think it was a good idea to move to an apartment owned by a hare (maybe not as nice as the "ice hotel", but warm and dry). In a unequal battle a hare had to flee saving what's left of his skin. The whole summer he was looking for a help of higher authority - mighty and resourceful wolf and bear, but none of them dared to attack a fox, fearing kamikaze style retaliation. And when a pour hare was getting ready to join his ancestors, a hero (a cock, probably helping him out of class hate for royalty and foxes) comes by and saves the day.
Illuminated manuscript - a fox and a hare, winter and sprint section, Alexandra