Saturday, February 26, 2011

fellowrabbit goes to america

FellowRabbit goes to America

This May we are going to USA, and we are having a crazy idea of making some citizen interviews with folks in states, so we, by all means, europeans in mind can learn what people there have in mind.

We have defined 2 main areas of interest:
1. Everyday life - what are the most exciting things in life?, what bothers the most?: e.g. job, health insurance, criminal, guns, supermarkets, american cars, tv, movies, gadgets etc

2. Internal politics - republican vs democrats, rich vs poor, politician vs people, obama, palin, jon stewart vs glenn beck etc

3. USA and the world - how people in us see the world, how the world sees usa, iraq, afganistan, al-qaeda, us military, wikileaks, cablegate, export of democracy etc

We will try to make several interviews including with people in silicon valley, utah, nevada, boston, new york and crazy folks we meet in yellowstone national park.

If you have any ideas for questions or people we should interview (you will have to set up the interview) leave a comment here.


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