Saturday, February 26, 2011

fellowrabbit goes to america

FellowRabbit goes to America

This May we are going to USA, and we are having a crazy idea of making some citizen interviews with folks in states, so we, by all means, europeans in mind can learn what people there have in mind.

We have defined 2 main areas of interest:
1. Everyday life - what are the most exciting things in life?, what bothers the most?: e.g. job, health insurance, criminal, guns, supermarkets, american cars, tv, movies, gadgets etc

2. Internal politics - republican vs democrats, rich vs poor, politician vs people, obama, palin, jon stewart vs glenn beck etc

3. USA and the world - how people in us see the world, how the world sees usa, iraq, afganistan, al-qaeda, us military, wikileaks, cablegate, export of democracy etc

We will try to make several interviews including with people in silicon valley, utah, nevada, boston, new york and crazy folks we meet in yellowstone national park.

If you have any ideas for questions or people we should interview (you will have to set up the interview) leave a comment here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Strip of the day, 23.02.2011, True religion

"Religion is the opium of the people" Karl Marx

According to the history of mankind, religion is nothing else than a proto-state built around an idea of mighty and omnipotent god. And in our time even the most progressive religions are more an instrument of control and power rather education and unity, even if the religion is based around science and knowledge:

True religion:
K: Free people, come and join us for the reading of the wikipedia in the temple of mighty photon

A: Come to praise the god photon and the holy spirit of science & knowledge

A: I count to 1, and if you #@*=ers do not go to our mess, I start to #@*=ing shoot

A: I love to see so many people to praise science and knowledge
K: Just like a real religion

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leaping white rabbits, a la Claude Monet

Claude Monet is one of the most beautiful painters we've seen. That is why it was both a challenge and a great pleasure to follow his works. Look what we got an the result:

Leaping white rabbits, Alexandra

Strip of the day, 22.02.2011, Politics

It's all about politics:
1. democracy is better than dictatorship
2. elections are always good (don't let anyone fool you with their special way)

But even elections let sometimes dirty foam float on top of the society:

PS: We are with people of Libya, actually we think civilized world (meaning at least europe and us) should intervene - maybe even a military strike against Gaddafi, and finish the bastard rather sooner then later.

PS2: We are big fans of direct democracy and we think there will be a golden age of the civilization when it will come back to the roots and turn to direct democracy. And maybe web 3.0 will help up do that.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Strip of the day, 21.02.2011, Space heist job

Only who aims high gets the high prize. Be careful though to not get caught in the process!
Well, if you do, there is always some way to recover:



A: Now what, dummy?
K: Do you think we can play Starcraft on the way?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Strip of the day, 20.02.2011, ADD treatment

For those who are struggling with ADD (attention deficit disorder), simply put you, who surfs the internet while at work :), do not give up, if you have a high IQ chances are you are a very creative person.

Robber rabbits are struggling with ADD people too, as it seems most of the people around them are in for an ADD treatment, trying to concentrate on one thing at a time and not noticing anything around. This had to be stopped at all cost.

While helping other creatures to get rid of their ADD, Robbers have built the very first temple of Photon:


K: Funny. Like nobody notices anything anymore
A: Maybe they are all in for an ADD treatment

K: I just know what might help them permanently

Innocent ADD patient nr. 1: Who are those guys?!
Innocent ADD patient nr. 2: Nice temple by the way

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Strip of the day, 19.02.2011, Inception Nr. 22

There are only two important things in your life:
1. Who your friends are
2. What you are dreaming of

You could never be careful enough with those two things:

Friday, February 18, 2011

Strip of the day, 18.02.2011, Blackout Friday

Strip of the day, 17.02.2011, Rough night

Sometimes all you need after training for your job the whole night is a nice cup of coffee.. and another one. Good morning - and good luck today!

A: get up already, we have to go to work soon!
K: just 5 more minutes! i practiced all night!
A: i told you many times - online shooting is not practice!

K: Let’s visit this office
for a minute

it’s a robbery... don’t worry, I just need some coffee!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Strip of the day, 16.02.2011, Joy of employment

To all who struggle right now whether to go ask your boss for a raise: be brave, be bold, calculate well beforehand!

W: I want a raise. I think I am a good addition to the team.

K: You're a good fellow. Increase your output from 10 to 50 banks a month, and I will pay you monthly 3 money sacks instead of 2!

W: I got a 50% raise!!!
K: #@*=ing suit... they never learn.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strip of the day, 15.02.2011, Roberry school 3rd grade

Remember kids, homework is as important as going to your classes, some very smart people even say, it is actually more important than your classes. But the only thing you need to care about is whether you are a bad-ass at what you do:

Robbery school, 3rd grade

On the blackboard: It's a robbery!!!
K: It's a robbery!!!
A: It's a robbery.

On the blackboard: Don't you @#*=ing (Snap a cap) move!!!
K: Don't you @#*=ing move!!!
A: Don't you @#*=ing move.

Teacher: Abi, what's the @#*= wrong with you today?!
A: I was practicing a box job when button dogs turned out, so I had to spend a night in the clubhouse.
K: Bad-ass!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Strip of the day, 14.02.2011, Valentine's day quiz - doggy style

Although many people suggest that Valentine's day is just a load of marketing crap, and robber rabbits are quite sinister about it too (at least by the nature of their job) it is nevertheless a good day to ask yourself and your loved ones the fundamental question of love:

PS: we wish you spend this day as any other day of your life with people you love or at least like.

Doggy style, dialogs:
A: Why do you think they call it doggy style?
B: Probably they could not choose from all the words we have for this style

A: Which would you choose?
K: Probably @#*= R Nr. 15
A: Really?! I would say @#*= R Nr. 34

No clear:
- Let's try both and choose the best?!
- Oh, and @#*= R Nr. 7 to be sure
- That's why they call it doggy style
- Yeah

PSS: Breaking out of gray - the first time we used a non gray color in our comics:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Strip of the day, 13.02.2011, Awkward costume party

It is great to meet people outside of your domain and try to experiment, but sometimes there is nothing better then just to have a warm glass of Tru Blood and a quite meaningful conversation with "people" who "get" you:

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Strip of the day, 12.02.2011, Dreaming of a better life

Sometimes we are pinned down by the routine, we have to go to work because we have a family to support, we have to work for a bank rather building super cars or that laser gun for the army because it is comfy and safe. But sometimes we have dreams what our life could be if we had the guts to pull it off.

The robber family certainly have the guts to pull anything (it seems), but do they have a strength to make their dreams come true:

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Strip of the day, 11.02.2011, Black out Friday

No proper strip today, sorry: black out Friday is a black out Friday:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Strip of the day, 10.02.2011, Stockholm syndrome

Badly going armed robbery is just one step away from a kidnapping, where is kidnapping there is also a place for stockholm syndrome, how would the robber rabbit family handle this:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strip of the day, 09.02.2011, the last ip

Internet faces a huge problem, it is running out of ipv4 addresses, at the beginning of this week the last free RIR section had been allocated.

Soon people will start getting problems, it would be more difficult to reconnect to your provider with a dsl modem or get connected to the mobile internet as overcrowded provider will run out of ip pools they are using now. Chaos, revolution, people getting on the street, work shortages, anything can happen at that point.

This is how a rabbit robber family could handle the last ip situation:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strip of the day, 08.02.2011, Cave job

What if the robber family got a hold on the time travelling machine, what could they do: discover the past, change the present or try to robe cave people:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Special edition strip - Internet tsunami

Sometimes life could be quite frustrating, especially if it is not your fault, sometimes after trying to register for a favorite conference you feel like an internet tsunami victim; well life goes on I wish I did not shot at that monitor :) ...

Strip of the day, 07.02.2011, Generation Z

Generation Z is going on a fishing trip. What can they catch with an iRod, well it's like with Schrödinger's carrot, you won't know unless you go and check it out:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Strip of the day, 06.02.2011, Dinner in Manhattan

Ordinary Friday evening in a posh Manhattan restaurant. A couple of rabbit robbers is having a dinner after hard week of work (may be they are working for one of those hot shot Manhattan companies, who knows).

Enjoy some bitter fun:

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Comics of the day, 04.02.2011, Schrödinger's carrot

There is always place in your life for a scientific experiment, even if you are a family of rabbit robbers:

we love science and hope you do so too, go and watch some from time to time.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Comics of the day, 03.02.2011, train drama

Most of the people see the world differently and ability to overcome this differences and still be and work together is what's important, not how different and special my white iPhone makes me.

However sometimes world views clash and produce some train drama:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Comics of the day, 02.02.2011, Zombie attack

In order to survive a zombie attack you have to be smart, strong and focused, want to test your abilities to do so, go and Die2Nite. But remember it is deadly dangerous to pose as a zombie at any time:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Comics of the day, 01.02.2011, plane robbery

We had this idea for months now and finally we got it out. The comics are drawn by Alexandra who brings her taste for details and beautiful artwork making pictures alive. We refine the ideas and scripts together, so this time I kind of a creative too :)

Enjoy the first strip - "what if a rabbit robber couple decided to overrun a plane":