Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strip of the day, 15.02.2011, Roberry school 3rd grade

Remember kids, homework is as important as going to your classes, some very smart people even say, it is actually more important than your classes. But the only thing you need to care about is whether you are a bad-ass at what you do:

Robbery school, 3rd grade

On the blackboard: It's a robbery!!!
K: It's a robbery!!!
A: It's a robbery.

On the blackboard: Don't you @#*=ing (Snap a cap) move!!!
K: Don't you @#*=ing move!!!
A: Don't you @#*=ing move.

Teacher: Abi, what's the @#*= wrong with you today?!
A: I was practicing a box job when button dogs turned out, so I had to spend a night in the clubhouse.
K: Bad-ass!


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