Monday, September 27, 2010

Undercover rabbit T-shirt (a la Alexandra)

Ok, there is no particular theme/artist this week, that is why we will consider this week's work as a follow up to Alexandra herself :)

Undercover rabbit (t-shirt), Alexandra

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Real blood is for suckers

As you might notice some of our photos of the paintings are less perfect as the professional ones we take from wikipedia.

I know some of you are very good at making great photos, so if you also have experience photographing art, we would be very thankful if you can share some of you secrets with us.

Hare of Hermes (a la Sandro Botticelli)

About two-three weeks ago Alexandra started working on Botticelli - one of the greatest artist of the early Renaissance. His love for details and quality of the strokes are remarkable, so following his style is a challenge for any artist.

This week we present you an illustration for the Greek myth "Hare of Hermes: (Hyginus 2.33)":
Some say that the hare was put there (orion's legs) by Hermes, and that it had been given the faculty, beyond other kinds of quadrapeds, of being pregnant with new offspring when giving birth to others.

Alexandra, Hare of hermes

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