Monday, September 27, 2010

Undercover rabbit T-shirt (a la Alexandra)

Ok, there is no particular theme/artist this week, that is why we will consider this week's work as a follow up to Alexandra herself :)

Undercover rabbit (t-shirt), Alexandra

The undercover rabbit got born the day Alexandra's teammate decided to throw away fabric paint sprays, but had to be stopped in a spectacular block by Alex a la Mike Jordan. 10 minutes later they got a pair of t-shirts, a piece of thick paper and scissors.

First a stencil had to be cut of for the undercover rabbit, see below:

Undercover rabbit t-shirt stencil, Alexandra

After that they started spraying around, in about 20 minutes, because it is how much they get for a lunch break, an undercover rabbit was created:

Undercover rabbit, Alexandra

The back side shows the place where the carrot was taken from, the magic field of carrots (actually created by that colleague):
Magic field of carrots, undercover rabbit

Have a nice autumn, guys. See you soon for some bus station rabbit comics.


Katerina said...

We need a Christmas rabbit!

Otto von PixMark said...

And you will most likely get on :)

We have now 3 unpublished rabbits and no time :(

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