Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Real blood is for suckers

As you might notice some of our photos of the paintings are less perfect as the professional ones we take from wikipedia.

I know some of you are very good at making great photos, so if you also have experience photographing art, we would be very thankful if you can share some of you secrets with us.


Katerina said...

I don't have particular experience in photographing art but I this is what I would do.
The most important thing is light. It has to be strong but soft. Reflected light is better. Indoors light can be a problem. One solution could be tripod and longer exposure. Also set camera to the lowest aperture (shallow depth of field) to allow for faster shatter speed and blur any background. And sent ISO as low as possible. Also try to play with white balance. If none of the pre-sets produces good results you can change it manually. It's not very difficult. And... good luck!

Otto von PixMark said...

Thanks Kate.

I understood that I lack general knowledge in photography, because I am not sure I know the difference between white balance and aperture. I have a lot to learn.

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