Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot summer dream (a la Caspar David Friedrich)

It is summer in Germany like you cannot imagine: +37C and it is even hotter when you think of what German football team does to all those grands like Argentina and England. So I went to Wikipedia and chose a good German painter, which you probably never heard of before Caspar David Friedrich.

What can a romantic rabbit dream of in a hot summer night (hint it is wet and was a precursor to life on earth): of course some water falling from the skies:
Alexandra, Hot summer dream

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dark Matter (a la Nicholas Roerich)

Nicholas Roerich or Николай Рерих is a Russian painter and an activist who lived and worked at the beginning of the XX century. According to Wikipedia he created about 7000 paintings. He died at the age of 73 and started to work professionally at the end of the "high school" at the age of 18, so he had about 20000 work days including weekends, meaning he had to draw 1 picture every 3 days for 55 years. I think it is even more than Picasso did - one of the most productive artists the world saw.

This picture was the biggest "rabbit" challenge so far, as there is really no place for a white rabbit in the mountains, it is just so tiny, I thought. But a rabbit, even a white one, is more than a fluffy body with a pair of ears - and the white is just how we perceive it! That is why we agreed that this time a rabbit will be consumed by the dark matter:

Alexandra, Dark Matter

Prehistoric paintings: rabbit hunt

Prehistoric or cave painting is one of the coollest art topics we could have touched. A trip to the south Spain could not be a better time to do a painting in this style, since most of the prehistoric paintings found are located in the mountain regions of Spain and France.

Caves are cold and dark, we decided to make a painting a close to the sun as possible - we painted this picture on top of one of the highest mountains in Andalusia, Spain. All natural, high quality wax chalks were used, which will still wash out by the end of the summer. Hopefully rare visitor will have a chance to enjoy our little prank till at lasts. "Rabbit hunt" a prehistorically styled wall painting:

FellowRabbit team, Rabbit hunt