Monday, February 14, 2011

Strip of the day, 14.02.2011, Valentine's day quiz - doggy style

Although many people suggest that Valentine's day is just a load of marketing crap, and robber rabbits are quite sinister about it too (at least by the nature of their job) it is nevertheless a good day to ask yourself and your loved ones the fundamental question of love:

PS: we wish you spend this day as any other day of your life with people you love or at least like.

Doggy style, dialogs:
A: Why do you think they call it doggy style?
B: Probably they could not choose from all the words we have for this style

A: Which would you choose?
K: Probably @#*= R Nr. 15
A: Really?! I would say @#*= R Nr. 34

No clear:
- Let's try both and choose the best?!
- Oh, and @#*= R Nr. 7 to be sure
- That's why they call it doggy style
- Yeah

PSS: Breaking out of gray - the first time we used a non gray color in our comics:


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