Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy holidays card 2010 a la Grow

Dear friends and fellow rabbit followers,

We want to thank you for your appreciation and love.
We wish you happy holidays, all the best in the coming year and let "be nice, stay healthy and drink tea" be your motto for 2011 - the rabbit year.

From rabbits's heart this very special holiday greeting card:

This work was inspired by EYEZMAZE

Happy holidays, guys, we love you all,
Alexandra and Vladimir


Katerina said...

Классная открытка получилась! Спасибо и с Новым Годом!!!

Otto von PixMark said...

Спасибо, а ты дошла до конца, а том некоторые бросали на полпути?

Шмакова said...

Здорово! Веселые зайцы:)

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